Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Minimix

Been awhile.

I started this mix at the end of April just insprired by the great weather outside. Wanted to make a short mix to listen to outside in the sun. Didn't want it too fast or too slow so went for about 100bpm. After finding Diplo's remix California Soul and Royksopp's Eple finding summery tracks for the rest was not easy, hence there being 5-6 versions of the mix! After about 3 or 4 weeks of just looking for tracks to put in I got the final version. Ofcourse I had good oul Walsh helping me by listening to each of the versions and adding his unless opinion. ha..!

This got play on DKITalk on Dundalk Fm (Thanks very much) with good feedback and everyone else that has heard it since hasnt said a bad word about it (their well mannered I presume) .

I also did a video fo it just using a slowed down version of Royksopp's Eple but Youtube pulled a pure knacker act, said it was violating copyright which it purely was, and took it down. But I might upload to another video site soon!

D load it !!!! >> Click Here