Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kid Cudi vs Crookers - Day N Night (Kaz Remix)

First of all I want to say I LOVE the Crookers, their production is serious. Pure electro/fidgit at its finest! My favourite tune of theirs is probably Knobbers or their remix of 'We Are All Prostitutes'. The synth sound they use is on both tracks is totally orginal and the beats are just brilliant in my opinion. A smile came to my face when the beat kicked in first time I heard knobbers. Check out Knobbers here.

I first heard Day N Night back in June 2008 in a Klaas set 'Welcome to the Club' I downloaded.  I only realised it was Crookers when I looked up the track list and downloaded it. I think I heard it in Ayia Napa once or twice but can't be sure. It didn't make it into my DJing playlist until it became the second highest viewed video from a guy from Japan, 'Big Electro', on his youtube channel. At the start of one of gigs in the Springs I played it at the beginning of the night just people had started coming in going to the bar and more people were making it to the dance floor opposed to the bar and giving it 90.. Surprised me to be honest. It started getting a lot of hype on youtube and I kept playing it at gigs.. Springs, 21st, college bar and before I knew it, Annie Mac was playing it on her mash up show and it had made the bbc radio 1 playlist, nearly a year after it was produced.. I couldn't imagine their other material getting radio play other then maybe their remix of Busy P's 'To Protect & Entertain'!

For the remix I didnt want to change the already Remix a whole lot. More like make it an edit with a slight bit of production. I got all the samples & synths I needed to reproduce the Crookers sound as best I could. Fiddled around with it rearranging pieces but it sounded best in its original remix set so I left it.
I played for the first time at a gig last night as my opening track, went down as well as I imagined it would!

Have a listen!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Intro to Electro

This is a set I recorded done at the beginning of this year sometime in January. The set isn't completely electro house, it includes some Fatboy Slim, Groove Armada and even the Irish Rovers for good measure. Theres a good bit of figdet in there as well, but enough with genres.
It's a set something smiliar to what I'd play in Silence's smoking area when I do get playing.
Here it is for download:

DJ Kaz - Intro to Electro Set

01- Attack Attack – Set the Sun (Klaas Remix)
02- Busy P – To Protect and Entertain (Crookers Remix)
03- Crazy Town - Butterfly (Solovey Remix)
04- Diplo ft Rye Rye – Wassup (Crookers Remix)
05- Estelle – American Boy (Kill the Noise Remix)
06- Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now
07- Groove Armada – Superstylin
08- House of Pain – Jump Around (Micky Slim Remix)
09- Irish Rovers – Drunken Sailor
10- Justice Vs. Simian - We Are Your Friends (Cold Blank Remix)
11- Kidda - Under The Sun (Herve's 'Ain't No Sunshine' Remix)
12- Larry Tee Feat. Princess Superstar - Licky (Herve Remix)
13- M.I.A. - Paper Planes (Scottie B Remix)

Download/Stream: Click Here

Friday, April 10, 2009

Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (Kaz Remix)


For the past nearly a year I've wanted to put a solo in this song ever since I seen the video on youtube of a Ruben Moran playing the saxophone to this on a beach somewhere. Then about five/six months ago I actually picked up my old electric guitar and learned the riff on the guitar which was piss handy and started freestyle soloing to the track and just wanted to record the solo and place it over the track and use it when playing live which at the time all I did was edit songs for DJing live. But I never got around to it.
Fast forward to tuesday this week, I've been working on a summer minimix the past two weeks which is nearly done, but needed to take my mind of it and with the sunshining in on me I deciced to have crack at the Pjanoo edit. The idea imediately changed from an edit to a remix for the simple reason of practising producing. The concept for the remix was to be a chilled version of the original which turned my solo idea into a simple lead at the end. The lead was wrote on keyboard and then transfer to ableton, going through a few instruments until a harp sound suited the rest of the track. I sampled the drums, piano and background sound the rest was produced by me.

I know its not a brilliant remix or anything but its a start....

Anyway have a listen.. Cheers!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Show Me The Bojangles

Arguebly the best mash-up on the album, certianly the most popular. This mix was siezed up by no other then the wonderful miss Edele "Crump Queen" Branigan. She was over one day looking me to do a mix for dance she was doing in amber, she heard the mix nd well, it mite aswell be the Edele Branigan mix. She also made me use it in a mix that she performed to at the BICS awards (Board of College Societies)  when DKIT hosted it in 2008.
But, yes, she was the inspiration behind the video mash up as you can see..

Mash-up of:
Petey Pablo - Show Me The Money
Pitbull Ft Lil Jon & Ying Yang Twins - Bojangles

Pitbull Ft Lil Jon & Ying Yang Twins - Bojangles
Nikewoman 2006

Download: DJ Kaz – Show Me The Money

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When We're Gone

Dont have much to say about this one. It's the last track of the Digital Mash-Ups!

Mash Up of:
Avril Lavinge – When Your Gone
Eminem – When I’m Gone

Download : DJ Kaz - When We're Gone

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stay Supa Dupa Fly

Right it's been awhile..

Havent updated this because of a mixture of being busy/lazy/hungover but here we go...

This is an old mix done well over a year ago. It's a clever mix, Currently the most viewed on youtube with over 1,000 views. Most dance heads said they prefer it to the other mash ups but seeing its the only electro house mash up i've done.. it makes sense.. My mate bronagh has been going round dundalk telling her mates bout it, good on ya, cheers!

The video is an edited version of Justice's Stress directed by Romain Gavras 

Download: DJ Kaz – Stay Supa Dupa Fly