Friday, April 10, 2009

Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (Kaz Remix)


For the past nearly a year I've wanted to put a solo in this song ever since I seen the video on youtube of a Ruben Moran playing the saxophone to this on a beach somewhere. Then about five/six months ago I actually picked up my old electric guitar and learned the riff on the guitar which was piss handy and started freestyle soloing to the track and just wanted to record the solo and place it over the track and use it when playing live which at the time all I did was edit songs for DJing live. But I never got around to it.
Fast forward to tuesday this week, I've been working on a summer minimix the past two weeks which is nearly done, but needed to take my mind of it and with the sunshining in on me I deciced to have crack at the Pjanoo edit. The idea imediately changed from an edit to a remix for the simple reason of practising producing. The concept for the remix was to be a chilled version of the original which turned my solo idea into a simple lead at the end. The lead was wrote on keyboard and then transfer to ableton, going through a few instruments until a harp sound suited the rest of the track. I sampled the drums, piano and background sound the rest was produced by me.

I know its not a brilliant remix or anything but its a start....

Anyway have a listen.. Cheers!

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