Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kid Cudi vs Crookers - Day N Night (Kaz Remix)

First of all I want to say I LOVE the Crookers, their production is serious. Pure electro/fidgit at its finest! My favourite tune of theirs is probably Knobbers or their remix of 'We Are All Prostitutes'. The synth sound they use is on both tracks is totally orginal and the beats are just brilliant in my opinion. A smile came to my face when the beat kicked in first time I heard knobbers. Check out Knobbers here.

I first heard Day N Night back in June 2008 in a Klaas set 'Welcome to the Club' I downloaded.  I only realised it was Crookers when I looked up the track list and downloaded it. I think I heard it in Ayia Napa once or twice but can't be sure. It didn't make it into my DJing playlist until it became the second highest viewed video from a guy from Japan, 'Big Electro', on his youtube channel. At the start of one of gigs in the Springs I played it at the beginning of the night just people had started coming in going to the bar and more people were making it to the dance floor opposed to the bar and giving it 90.. Surprised me to be honest. It started getting a lot of hype on youtube and I kept playing it at gigs.. Springs, 21st, college bar and before I knew it, Annie Mac was playing it on her mash up show and it had made the bbc radio 1 playlist, nearly a year after it was produced.. I couldn't imagine their other material getting radio play other then maybe their remix of Busy P's 'To Protect & Entertain'!

For the remix I didnt want to change the already Remix a whole lot. More like make it an edit with a slight bit of production. I got all the samples & synths I needed to reproduce the Crookers sound as best I could. Fiddled around with it rearranging pieces but it sounded best in its original remix set so I left it.
I played for the first time at a gig last night as my opening track, went down as well as I imagined it would!

Have a listen!

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